Mission & Vision

Gracepoint’s Mission

Gracepoint exists to help people in our communities experience the love of Jesus
and follow Him.

Gracepoint’s Vision

We see a city and nations transformed by the supernatural power of God.

Worship And God’s Presence

We see a people who love God with their whole being and actively experience the presence of God in their everyday life. We see worship that brings hope, restoration, salvation, joy, healing, and freedom.

Embracing The New And Letting Go Of The Old

We see a people who are willing to follow God into new things. They actively embrace change. We see growth happening and life being established.

Being Bold And Having Authority

We see a people who know who God is and who they are in Him. They live and lead with God’s authority and boldness to see His kingdom come.

Prayer And Intercession

We see a people who practise a lifestyle of prayer. They rely on God; know His voice; see His heart; wait on Him to lead. Their prayers are powerful, effective, life giving and impact many people. Many others come into God’s Kingdom through prayer.


We see a people who experience the supernatural power of God in their everyday lives. We see Gracepoint as a spiritual hub where a multi-generational move of God’s Holy Spirit releases the Spirit’s gifts and fruit including miracles, healings, prophecy, words of knowledge, the fire of God, and an outpouring of joy. We see people being set free and awakened to God’s love, life, hope, destiny, and purpose for them.

Reaching The Lost / Evangelism

We see a people who allow God’s love to flow through them in their everyday lives. They connect others to this love. We see Gracepoint welcoming many people who are spiritually lost, confused, or hurt. We see these people finding spiritual direction and healing through relationship with Jesus.

Influencing The City And The Nations

We see Gracepoint as a church that influences Sydney, Australia, and the nations. We see Gracepoint being known and sought out to release God’s influence, solutions, unity, and goodness.


We see a people who express the love of God through their creativity. We also see artists of all types, including musicians, dancers, sculptors and painters, releasing the joy, love, hope and freedom of God through creative expression. We see people experiencing healing and miracles through the creative realm.