Values & Beliefs

These are our values. They reflect what’s precious to us.

Love – We are lovers of God and all people.

Grace – We live with the centrality of God’s empowering presence in our lives.

Disciple Making – We are followers of Jesus, becoming more like Him every day and helping others to do the same.

Community – We prioritise relationships of love and honour where every person is significant and valuable.

Supernatural – We believe that with God, nothing is impossible.

Worship – We live a lifestyle that celebrates the worthiness and goodness of God.

Kingdom – We release God’s power and reign on earth.

Apostolic and Prophetic – We seek God’s revelation for life and mission through His word and Holy Spirit.

Generosity – Giving is in our DNA. Therefore, we are conduits of generosity, giving life every time we give.

What we believe

Gracepoint Christian Church believes in:

  1. The divine inspiration of the Old and New Testament scriptures, and their supreme authority in all matters of faith and conduct.
  2. The existence and personal revelation to man of one God in three persons: ‘The Father, Son and Holy Spirit’.
  3. The sinfulness of human beings, rendering them subject to God’s judgement.
  4. The deity of Jesus Christ, His incarnation; His perfect life and atoning death; His bodily resurrection from the dead; His exaltation to the right hand of God, where He intercedes for His people; His personal return to receive His people to Himself.
  5. The redemption of human beings solely by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ.
  6. The need for all people to repent and accept Christ’s atoning sacrifice.
  7. The ministry of the Holy Spirit in His baptism, regeneration and sanctification of the sinner. The infilling, empowering and gifting of the Holy Spirit in the life of every Christian. The continuing reality and importance of spiritual gifts which are available and active, according to the sovereignty of God, in the church today.
  8. The resurrection of the dead and the gift of eternal life to all who believe.
  9. That believers only will be baptised and that baptism should be by immersion as a public profession of faith and a sign of new life in Christ.